The Global Solution To Your Urgent Valves Needs

Vast range of industrial valves to meet your requirements.

Chenggao Valve is your Professional Valve manufacturer

Providing you a complete line Ball,Gate,Globe,Check and Plug valves in CS,SS,LTCS,DSS,monel,Alloy steel,Class 150 - 4500

We are a service driven company focused on the success of its customers

We make support documentation easy including drawings,MTR,IOMs, catalogs and other key pieces of information as required by engineering, field, and support teams.

Quick delivery time for all the full line of industrial valves

Our target is to provide the correct valve for your application at the right time and price.

We Provide Additional tests & Inspections if needed

X-Rays inspection,Ultrasonic inspection,Corrosion testing,Micrographic and macrographic examination,Positive material identification,Chemical analysis

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Product Catalogs

  • Company Profile
  • Cast steel valves
  • Trunnion ball valves
  • Floating ball valves
  • Top entry ball valves
  • Wafer Check Valves
  • Forged steel valves
  • API 6D Plug Valves
  • Slab Gate Valves

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Manufacturing high quality industrial valves according to national and international standards, with differentiated service, prices and terms for the full satisfaction of our customers.

Chenggao valve with a vast experience is committed to manufacturing and supplying industrial valves that meet customer’s specifications and applicable technical standards,through the continuous improvement of its products and its quality management system.Our company has products with quality and warranty, in addition to having a variety of goods ready for delivery, in order to make the sending of materials fast.We make available a qualified and trained team, always offering solutions to your needs.

Mission, Values and Vision

Our Mission- We bring to our customers and suppliers the understanding that, together with work, we can transmit values that allow the joint development of social works and help others.
Thus, our vision is to transform our company into its largest partner in the supply of products in the segment

12 Month Warranty- Our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a minimum period of twelve months. We provide Quality Certificate and guarantee traceability as needed, We are focused on the best cost and service. With this we have achieved competitive prices, first-rate products and immediate delivery, providing a wide range of industrial products where we keep our strategic stock for immediate deliveries.

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“Satisfy the demands of our customers. Encourage employee training and awareness. Seek Continuous Improvement in the manufacturing and supply of cast steel valves, Ball Valves,Plug Valves and forged steel valves. ”
The CHENGGAO VALVE holds the certificates:

API 6D-0971
CE certificated
Fire safe Certs
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 18001:2007