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1,2,3 piece ball valve

One, Two and Three Piece Ball Valves Compared

1 piece ball valve has one piece body making it the best choice for industrial application.1 piece ball valve always has a stainless steel 304 body material(stainless steel 316 is available),1000 wog,with FNPT,BSP theaded end, socket welded is available. One piece ball valve is economy and most popular in stainless steel ball valve, it is a reduced port ball valve.

2 piece ball valve is widely used as it has a  a larger variety of connection types and sizes flanged end is available, pressure rating is up to 2000 wog;2 piece ball valve is full port ball valve, it is also an economy ball valve.

3 piece ball valve is the most complex, as it has the most parts. three piece ball valve can meet more industrial application, 3 piece ball valve, same as two piece ball valve is a full port ball valve, flanged end 3 piece ball valve is available for your request.

Common Features

1,2,3 piece ball valve has excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for many applications.
the valve is equipped with PTFE seals to maximize the corrosion resistance and service life of the ball valve. 1,2,3 piece ball valve is always made from stainless steel 304 or 316, pressure rating are available 1000 wog,1500 wog,2000 wog ,up to 3000 wog. 
meta description: 1 piece ball valve, the cheapest ball valve, 2 piece ball valve the most popular ball valve,3 piece ball valve is Various Connections And Pressure Rating Available. 
1,2,3 piece ball valve

Pressure Rating
Class 150 – 2500

Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Materials

1/2” – 2”