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General Industry

General industrial systems mainly include gas separation, food, beverage, paper, agriculture and other industries. Chenggao valve’s years of practical experience can help such users achieve their goals of safety, environmental protection and efficiency. Product of manufacturers of general industrial systems have achieved business integration with other manufacturers in recent years, and usually need to integrate and optimize production processes and infrastructure to improve production efficiency. These factories also need to meet stringent hygiene industry requirements to ensure the integrity and health of product quality. In addition, due to the increasing scarcity of global water resources and the sharp rise in costs, general industrial system factory owners face difficult challenges, namely how to use this precious resource more efficiently. Chenggao has a good reputation in the industry and is able to provide superior products and services. With a wealth of products, we can provide our customers with one-stop solutions for valve and actuator kits and services. Wherever customers are located,Chenggao can provide localized and personalized service and support through its global marketing network. Main applications: air separation, food industry, papermaking, agriculture, terminal.