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Generally refers to the mining and utilization of metal or non-metallic mineral resources. Valves used in the mining industry have strict operating conditions, poor valve sealing performance, corrosion and wear problems in production engineering, which will cause pipe aging and valve wear, and require frequent maintenance. As a result of the short service life of the valve and the high frequency of maintenance, the relatively Long downtime. Therefore, the mining industry needs new valve solutions to help make mining and smelting processes safer and more efficient.
Chengao uses advanced design and simulation software, including fluid dynamics calculation software (CFD) and ANSYS finite element analysis (FEA), to simulate product flow, mechanics, and wear conditions. The use of these advanced technologies to develop and optimize metal sealed ball can significantly improve the overall performance of the product and help to realize long-term production cycles that automate processes.
Cheneggao valve’s solutions for the mining industry help improve the safety environment, improve the working conditions of process pipelines, increase the customer’s facility base, and extend valve life and reduce maintenance-related downtime.