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Plug valves

China Plug valve manufacturer and supplier
Chenggao valve China Providing the best plug valve to its customers, Chenggao Valve china is your best alternative to buy plug valve from China, offering different models of plug valves, entries here how we can always guarantee the quality with cheapest and reasonable price.

Chenggao is a reliable male valve manufacturer
Bringing the best services that your company may need from a plug valve manufacturer, Chenggao Valve presents its specialized team to manufacture plug valve.Our workforce is ready to provide a suitable manufacturing service for all times when your industry may need a suitable plug valve manufacturer. Contact us right now and make a budget on this and all of our other products, which can exactly meet your requests, since they have a highly affordable price.

China plug valve design feature:
size 2″~ 24″ ;Class 150~ Class 900
cast steel A216 WCB, A216 WCC,
Alloy steel ASTM WC1,WC6,WC9,and C5
Low temperature Steels ASTM A352 Grades LCB and LCC
Corrosion-Resistant Steels ASTM A351 Grades CF3, CF3M, CF8 and CF8M
Duplex ASTM A890 Grade 4A, Super duplex steel A890 Grade 5A
Super duplex steel A890 Grade 6A





Class 150 - 2500


1/2" - 48"

Class 150 - -2500


1/2" - 48"