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Retainerless duo wafer check valve lug-double flange

Duo wafer check valves are devices installed in the fluid lines, which allow one-way passage preventing backward movement. Also non-return valves.

All water supply pipes for boilers must be equipped with a wafer check valve and a separate shut-off valve located near the boiler.

In the event that the boiler has an economizer installed, the duo wafer check valve must be located at the inlet of the boiler.

Duo wafer check valves or double plate, are used for the following cases:

Pumping stations and distribution networks for clean water, irrigation (filtered water).
Fire networks.
Compressors with low pressure.
Ensuring pump protection against fluid inversion.
Prevention of return in networks.
Technical characteristics:
Dimensions: DN-50 to DN-1000
Connection type: Wafer body for mounting between ANSI-150~class 2500 # flanges
Maximum working pressure depending on the construction (to consult).
Temperature limits -10ºC to + 120ºC (for other temperatures consult).
Swing disc check valve type “WAFER” (can be manufactured with flanges on request).
– One-piece cast carbon steel or forged steel body with internal conical shape that provides easy evacuation
of the solid particles contained in the flow.
– Distance between faces according to the API 6D standard.
– It has an arrow on the body indicating the direction of flow.
– It can be supplied with an auxiliary spring for faster closing.
– For high water loads or large valve diameters can be incorporated
Hydraulic damping that reduces the impact of the valve on the closure.
– The check valve allows the passage of the fluid in a single direction, it is opened by means of the fluid when it passes through it and closes by the weight of the disc itself and return of the fluid.

Retainerless duo wafer check valve lug-double flange

Pressure Rating
Class 150 – 2500

Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Materials

2″ 56″