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Swing check valve-API 6D full port

Swing check valve Design to API 6D or BS 1868 are mainly used to protect pumps and similar equipment, allowing the passage of a fluid through a line and thus preventing the return of the fluid when counter pressures occur. The API 6D swing check valve produce a high pressure drop in the line. The swing-type design provides a more tight seal than any other type of check valve, as well as rapid adaptability to the impact of the seal. At the time of installation it is necessary to match the arrow marked on the check valve body with the direction of flow. The amount of leakage of API 6D swing check valves with metal-metal seals will depend on the back flow pressure and the viscosity of the fluid. API 6D Check valve with metal-metal seals are not recommended for use in gases or in liquids with low backflow pressure or in liquids with suspended particles.

Design Feature:
API 6D full port ,BS 1868 reduced port
Check valve, with disc, in cast carbon steel, with flanges end ANSI B16.5
Solutions for oil refineries and similar applications
Horizontal or vertical installation
Portinhola free, frequent, in service, self-grinding rotary movement
AISI 410 stainless steel rings or other request on client
Through shaft, removal on both sides
Face-to-face dimensions according to ANSI-B16.10 standard
Flange dimensions according to standard ANSI-B16.5 class 150 (facet with highlight)
Test pressure: API 598

swing check valve-API 6D full port

Pressure Rating
Class 150 -2500

Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Materials

2″ – 36″