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Trunnion ball valve

Trunnion ball valve provides in a wide variety of cast materials covering carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel, duplex stee . The ball of a trunnion ball valve is fixed or constrained at two pivot points(upper stem and bottom stem). Buy applying a bearing at the bottom stem(trunnion), only pivoting movement is allowed within the body cavity. The upstream seat is a floating seat and the method pressure pushes it against the ball’s sealing surface. The seat can also be pre-stressed during assembly, using seats that have a spring effect.

Trunnion ball valve configuration applies continuous pressure against a trunnion-mounted ball valve after the ball is installed, while the top-works apply a load to the entire closure member. Cast steel trunnion ball valves are often soft seated and can attain a bubble-tight sealing.

The trunnion ball valve has a floating valve seat which will move under medium pressure to make the seal ring press and the sphere to ensure complete sealing.  This bounted ball valve suitable for high pressure and a large diameter valve.


  • Material: Stainless steel, forged steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, duplex steel
  • Application: High pressure and large full size, high temperature
  • Pressure: Class 150~ Class 2500,3000PSI~ 20000PSI
  • Structure: Trunnion Ball valve
  • Port Size: Standard, full port, reduce Port.

Meta Description: Our take-apart three-piece forged body trunnion ball valve design and trims meet the demanding requirements of all pipeline and process industries.

trunnion ball valve

Pressure Rating
Class 150 – 2500

Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Materials

1,22″ – 48″